Refurbish - your old sofa

Many people still own sofas that were purchased years ago or have inherited them as family heirlooms, desperate for a new lease of life. If your sofa has become part of the family and you refuse to say goodbye, why don't you try refurbishing?

To refurbish your sofa, it needs to be of a certain quality to be a practical option (unlike recycling or re-using). Unfortunately over the last 10 years the majority of furniture have been mass produced using cheap materials and cheap manufacturing processes.

However there are large numbers of you with living room furniture made of good quality materials to a Great British standard.

So what are your options?

You have three choices; re-cover your furniture using throws or loose covers that fit over the existing fabric or re-upholster, replacing all fixed fabric.


The cheapest way to renovate your sofa is to buy some throws and cushions to revamp your outdated heirloom.

Loose Covers:

A great way to make a sofa look like new and comes with the benefit of being removable and washable but can be limited to certain styles of furniture.


This keeps all the original features and characteristics and there are no limitations on furniture style, but it can be quite expensive.


Sofa throws can be bought at most home furnishing stores or from many online shops. There are also many loose cover and reupholstery specialists throughout the UK, from nationwide companies to local upholsterers. Here are just a few:

Plumbs Logo

Plumbs: Loose Covers & Re-upholstery

Plumbs specialise in traditional Re-upholstery & Loose Covers. They offer a UK-wide free in-home measuring, fitting and service from a consultant who will visit you in your home.

email: [email protected]     website:

Prestige Reupholstery

Prestige Reupholstery: Furniture Reupholsterers

Prestige Reupholstery uses trusted techniques and specialist tools to reupholster your furniture in the finest fabrics and quaility leathers from the leading design houses.

email: [email protected]     website: Prestige Re-upholstery





Specialist Re-upholsterers:

We have identified a number of local re-upholsterers across the UK that will be able to advise you about all your options of how to re-furbish your old furniture.



"Make your furniture beautiful again"

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